5 Ways to Build Your Following on Instagram

Are you just starting out on Instagram and don't know where to start? Maybe you've had an account for a while, but it's just not producing any results or engagement? Here are 5 great ways to build your following on Instagram:

1. Determine Who Your Audience Should Be

Who are the people buying your product, using your service, visiting your restaurant? Those

are the people you should be following on this platform. We are considered to be living in the

Digital Age, and with more and more people looking to Instagram in particular to see what new

item you have in shop, what special you’re running in your restaurant for the day, and what sale

you’re running on your service, it’s almost impossible to stay away from being on this platform.

2. Utilize the Instagram Search Bar and Hashtags

The specific hashtags you use throughout your posts are like GPS devices for the people who

are interested in what you have to offer. If you search

any given #hashtag on the Instagram

search bar, you can locate the top posts that included that #Hashtag, and the most recent ones as

well. It’s also a good way to locate anyone posting in your area. Instagram now allows you to

search by location, which will bring up any and all posts tagged to that location. Another way to

utilize the search bar is by searching your actual business name. There are many times that

people tag businesses with #Hashtags that, as a business owner, you may not see unless you

search for it. Be sure to follow anyone using your key words, within your location, and those that

have tagged your business.

3. Engage, Engage, Engage

Showing your followers that you have a presence on this platform is the key to being

successful. By ‘Liking’ a person’s picture, you are engaging with that person. After a while it

almost feels like a relationship…you like their posts, they like your posts, and it continues until

the end of time…maybe not, but you’ve definitely managed to place your brand in their mind.

Another way of getting your followers to interact with you on this platform is to make posts that

asks followers to react. “Tag a friend”, “Click like if…”, “Share a story”, “Comment below” are

all ways to get your followers to engage in a conversation with you, thus forming a relationship.

4. Check Out Those Likes

When you start your Instagram you should concentrate on following as many valuable people

as you can, in hopes that they follow you back. Check out who is actually liking your posts from

time to time. If you’re not already following them, you better click that button fast!

5. Fake Followers Everyone has them, nobody likes them… the followers who don’t follow back after weeks, and

never like a post. Instagram gives you the option to unfollow for a reason, this is it. Those people

who are adding no value to your account need to be thrown out. They clutter your timeline and

make it difficult for you to interact with your real potential customers.

6. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!

Running contests through this platform is almost the same as running a contest thru any other

social media platform. This is where “#Tag a friend, Comment Below, Repost this pic” come

into play. By running a contest like this you are not only reaching your followers but every other

follower that they have as well. Every person who comments, is tagged, or likes a reposted photo

should be followed!! Those are the people who are interested in what you have to offer as a


7. 1000 Hashtags, no thanks…

There is such a thing as TOO MANY hashtags. Including hashtags in your posts is a great way

to be in the conversation when someone is searching one of them in particular. Your posts will

always show up in the search bar in relation to those hashtags and people will be able to locate

you based on them as well. But how many is too many? 5-10 is a good place to stay. But, here’s

the catch… if you hashtag throughout your post, you can add more. If the actual content you’re

posting as a caption has key words throughout, make sure you tag them there instead of adding

them at the end. Research and know the most valuable key words to use and stick to those

throughout your account. You shouldn’t have to revamp your hashtag game every time you post

something new. Branding is extremely important in this area.

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So what do you have to add to this list? Are you currently using other effective ways to grow your Instagram following? We would love to hear from you and your successes in growing your account(s) in the comments below.

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