• This is a suite of 10 branded social-ready graphics you can use for your daily social marketing content, built directly inside your Canva account*.
  • Need a branded quote template? Need a graphic to plug testimonials into? Let us create it for you. Got a specific graphic in mind that would be great to have as a template? Let us make you something social-media-worthy.
  • Please allow 10-15 business days for completion of your order.
  • We will reach out to you via email within 2-3 business days to get the information we need to make your killer social graphics!

    *Client must signup for a free Canva account. Please also note that this is not a graphic design service, but simply the development of “social media friendly” Canva-developed graphics that you’re able to then edit from your Canva back-end on an ongoing basis.

Branded Graphics Development